Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hi there! This is Jorge. And that up there is Chippy the squirrel. Chippy values its privacy and that’s why Chippy is looking at you while you read this privacy policy.

Which goes like this:

  • This site does not store any personal identifiable information on its own. This is a static Jekyll website hosted on GitHub Pages and therefore has no ability to do so.


  • This site is hosted on GitHub nonetheless so expect the GitHub Privacy Policy to apply.

  • The comments section uses the Utterances GitHub app to use issues in a GitHub repository as comment threads. This supports GitHub-flavoured markdown and saves me from using ad-laden invasive comment providers like you see everywhere else. However, it does mean a number of things:
    • To comment on this blog, you will have to press the big green button to sign in to GitHub, and authorize the utterances app on your GitHub account.
    • Your comments will show in the comments repository with your account on it, just like any other comment on an issue.
    • Considering the above, observe the GitHub Acceptable Use Policy when you comment.